We help coaches use human design to elevate their coaching practice
Embark on a journey that transcends traditional coaching methods.

Are you a coach looking to elevate your practice or someone with a passion for coaching seeking a transformative path?

Welcome to a space where coaching meets the profound wisdom of Human Design.

As a coach or an aspiring coach, you understand the deep impact of self-discovery and personal growth. Imagine having a tool that not only reveals the unique blueprint of your clients but also enhances your coaching practice by providing targeted insights and strategies for transformation.

Helping you develop those skills is our passion!

So, you may be wondering who we are

Meet Leslee and Lauri




We’re both 4/6 Emotional Manifesting Generators. We have a passion for mentoring other coaches by sharing our knowledge, wisdom and experience in the field of Human Design. Together we have more than 25 years combined studying and using Human Design both personally and professionally. Read more about who we are here.

Our goal is to guide and develop coaches so they can use Human Design to elevate their coaching practice and achieve better results for their clients.

Our human design experience also includes 1:1 consultations

What some of our clients have said about us

Leslee is a powerful guide and healer who provided a safe cocoon for me to open up and blossom into my most empowered self. Through her work, I could feel myself coming into alignment, which allowed an opening for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to take place automatically. Leslee has such a sweet energy that takes you to your happy place instantaneously!

– Courtney Amundson, Author
“Teachings From God: Greeting Your Soul and Revealing the Divine Within”

Lauri’s passion for understanding Human Design and what makes people tick comes through clearly in her readings. My reading from Lauri brought so many things home for me. I’ve studied other systems, and have often been left with unanswered questions. Lauri was able to bridge some gaps for me and give me new things to consider about myself. She was patient with my questions and was truly invested in my understanding. I highly recommend Lauri.

– Cheryl Medlin, Heart-Centered Journey Guide

Our Core Focus is Mentoring Coaches

Our sweet spot is developing and cultivating individuals aspiring to excel as human design coaches. We thrive on sharing our expertise, using in-depth analysis that can truly lead to transformative results for your clients.

Imagine being able to facilitate transformation in your clients by shifting their mindset and providing a unique perspective on their purpose and journey.

How human design can elevate your coaching

Human Design offers a personalized approach to coaching by providing an in-depth understanding of individual strengths, challenges, and potential. Tailor your coaching sessions to the specific needs of each client.

It unlocks the secrets of effective communication by recognizing and embracing the diverse ways individuals process information. Human Design equips you with the knowledge to adapt your coaching style to resonate with each client.

You can guide your clients toward decisions that align with their true nature. Human Design identifies decision-making strategies based on individual authority types, ensuring clients make choices in harmony with their authentic selves.

Human Design enhances your ability to navigate and optimize relationships—both personal and professional. It provides insights into the dynamics between individuals, offering valuable tools for fostering connection and collaboration.

Our unique approach is to mentor you, not just teach you

The programs and services we create are specifically for coaches and coaching enthusiasts. Whether you’re at the beginning of your coaching journey or a seasoned professional, we can help guide you through the fascinating world of Human Design.

Ready to start your journey? We can help.